Advanced Medical Solutions for a Better Life

At aiPyx, we strive to provide advanced medical solutions tailored to the specific needs of patients suffering from calcifying pathologies including nephrology, rheumatology, cardiology and living with calcification. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals by offering innovative and accurate dosages.
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Nephrology Collaboration

Nephrologist benefit from using our diagnotic tool to better manage their patient’s health conditions.
PLEASE NOTE : aiPYX does not provide expert nephrology consultation

Rheumatology Assessment and Diagnostic

Our expert teams provides an accurate dosage of Inorganic Pyrophosphate in synovial fuilds to provide rheumatologists additionnal tools to personalize patient care.

Cardiology Excellence

Leading the way in cardiology excellence, aiPyx provides additional diagnostic tools for atherosclerosis and coronary artery calcification pathologies. Our team of works with world key opnion leaders in cardiology to deliver personalized diagnosis, ensuring the best possible outcomes for your patients’ cardiovascular health and well-being.

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